le 28 avril 2016

New containers for live lobster transport

CMA CGM has launched a new generation of containers designed to ship live lobsters safely by sea in conditions maintaining their natural habitat.
The Aquaviva containers will allow live lobsters to be shipped by sea in their original water replicating their natural living conditions.
Prior to the new products’ launch, live lobsters were carried either frozen by sea or alive and on ice by airfreight.
The new containers’ launch followed a 4-year process of research and development carried out by the French shipping giant in collaboration with French water purification and filtration company EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture.
The containers’ features are set to guarantee the water’s optimum temperature during transportation, while the EMYG-developed Innopure technology with natural filtration system will preserve the water’s oxygen level and quality.
The new containers, which are claimed to guarantee quality and freshness even over a long-term conservation, will initially target the North American and European markets.
CMA CGM said in a statement that it will continue collaborating with EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture to allow maritime transportation for other live seafood.
According to The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), Canada was the biggest exporter of both frozen and non-frozen lobsters in 2013, while the United States were the biggest importer.


Link to the website: http://container management